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A recently opened Country Hotel, by the Main Road 13 in Savitaipale, offers elegant rooms furnished in rustic style. They are named after the finish fauna: Squirrel, Beaver, Hare, Fox, Ringed seal, Elk and last but not least our suite, the Bear. It consists of a large living room, two double bedrooms, a bathroom equipped with a jacuzzi as well as a second, separate WC. The toilets of all the other rooms are equipped with showers and also have underfloor heating. In summertime the blackout curtains guarantee you a good night’s sleep.

You can enjoy the breakfast and other meals in our restaurant Burger Heaven, which is situated in the other end of the building. At the end of the hotel corridor there is also a fridge, a coffee machine and a microwave oven at your disposal. There are televisions in every room and you can avail of free WiFi connections.


In the summer 2013 two large rooms, for 16 and 20 visitors, were renovated in a former school.

The rooms are equipped with brand new 90cm wide bunk beds. Every visitor can have a safe cabinet for their valuables, and you can avail of free WiFi connections.

There are televisions both rooms.

The air conditioning in the rooms keeps the air cool in the summer, and helps maintain the warmth in winter.

Sauna, showers and toilets for the visitors can be found on the ground floor.

The premises are suited for groups but all travelers are warmly welcome to stay.

The bed price includes the linen but feel free to rent a bath towel for two euros, if needed.

Ask for Reduced bed price for groups over 15 persons.

Bed price for private travelers is 28 € including breakfast.

Room Piika

This room for 16 visitors was designed for younger travelers with input from young people.

A partition wall was built in the room to guarantee more peace and quiet for those sleeping.

In this area there is a sofa and armchairs for the TV-viewers.

The top beds are popular, especially among teenagers but the beds being 90cm wide, they also suit those older very well.

Room Renki

Even the name of this relatively large room reveals that this was meant to be for boys.

We wished to create a homely atmosphere, blue is also the predominant colour.

You can watch television and use the WiFi connection in this room, as well.

There are beds for twenty visitors and all of them have access to a free secure cabinet of their own.

The room is spacious and light, yet each visitor can have their own private corner in this large room.

Restaurant Burger Heaven

In Burger Heaven, located on the ground floor, you can order breakfast.

Groups with more than fifteen people can also order a meal, please ask for an offer of our group menus.

Our restaurant Burger Heaven serves You Monday-Saturday from 11 am till 8 pm.

On Sunday from noon till 8 pm.

Services at Kantri Hotel

Services of local masseurs are available at the hostel if needed  –  you can ask for basic massage treatment, sports massage, Indian scalp massage as well as Reiki treatment, energy healing and zone therapy. On the 8th of December 2016, we open a new shop ”Puoti ja Patina”, next to our restaurant Burger Heaven. Puoti ja Patina represents Candle Workshop Tuliniekka’s products.

Training options and services

Options for sport camps

Savitaipale Sports Centre is situated about 300-400 m from the Kantri Hostelli; it is a place with an ice hall arena, a curling track – the one and only in Southern Carelia –  an inside tennis court, as well as a large hall for playing volley ball, basketball, floor ball, badminton, and table tennis, for ex., as well as space to do keep-fit exercises.

There is also a football field and a recently opened Parkour park, where even senior people have a special area to do balance exercises.

In the summer you can play tennis in an outdoor court, and in the sports grounds you can go jogging on a specially designed running track; in winter you can go skiing along illuminated trail.

Quite near the Kantri Hostelli there is also a popular skate board park which turns into a Backyard park trick slope in winter time.

Only twenty metres from the hostel there is a sports field. In winter it will be frozen and kept up almost daily.

In the Suvanto swimming hall, only about one kilometer away, it is possible to swim all year round.

If you happen to love horses, there is a popular Laukan ratsutila horse farm where you can go riding.

If dancing is one of your favorite activities, you can take a turn or two at Säänijärven lava, an outdoor dancing area. Savitaipale is often visited by popular singers and dance bands.

Services at Savitaipale

Savitaipale Centre is less than one kilometer away; if you take a walk through the forest, it’s only five hundred metres.

In the Centre there are food stores, some restaurants, some special shops, for ex. Alcohol Store, a chemist’s, a bank  and cash points as well as Physiotherapy Savikunto, Physiotherapy Sari Keränen, Method Putkisto Taina Valsi; R –kiosk; local shoemaker and Pitäjäntupa Handicraft Shops.

Options for travelers attracted to nature

Within distance of 1,5km there is Lake Kuolimo with its clean water and beaches. That attracts you to have a swim in summer. In winter there is a five kilometer long skating track, cleared of snow, where you can enjoy for example tour skating – or go kick sledging.

During the skiing holiday week they arrange a tour skating happening if the ice is thick enough to be cleared of snow.

You could also have a happy picnic by packing your rucksack with sandwiches for lunch and going for a snowshoe safari.

It would also be worth the experience to go hiking around Savitaipale and take a guided tour to see traces of the Ice Age and the restored dwelling place from the Stone Age.

Next to the village there is Hakamäen museo, Hakamäki Museum area where you can go up to a high lookout tower to admire the fantastic view around Lake Kuolimo, where you can go ice-fishing in winter.

The Kärnäkoski rapids flow free in winter and summer, all year round. And if you get a fishing permit, it’s possible for you to catch. The waters in Savitaipale region are quite rich in fishes.

You can spend unforgettable moments enjoying the unique nature at Kärnäkoski picnic area, listening to the streaming rapids and having delicious lamb sausages.

At Kärnäkoski you can also see the Suvorov fortifications where you can watch lots of sheep grazing in summertime. The Finnish National Board of Antiquities and historical Monuments have restored the walls of the fortification, and even if there are no buildings left any longer, the fortress is still a popular tourist site. Next to the site there is a former flour mill, restored by local villagers, where people from far and near would come and buy meal for baking and cooking.

It is also very popular to go paddling in Kärnäkoski and Partakoski as well as on Lake Kuolimo and Lake Saimaa. The local guide can train you in how to paddle and take you safely through the rapids.

In wintertime Partakoski area attracts you with its fantastic landscapes and at the old Partakoski bridge you can meet with many eager photographers capturing the local beauty. In the rapids fishing is prohibited because of the protected arctic char.

Church boat rowing is a more unique and special kind of boating but it might be possible to try and experience it in Savitaipale.

Owing to so many options to take exercises and enjoy the beauty of the local nature, Savitaipale is also a place to be recommended to those school-camping. You are invited to ask for special price!


Natural beauty in Savitaipale

The waters in Lake Kuolimo as well as Kärnäkoski and Partakoski rapids are so very pure and clear that you may venture to drink it. You can clearly see down to the bottoms of both rapids.

You can also find soothing peace and silence in the wilderness on the shores of Lake Kuolimo and the islands, which calms you down and helps you forget your everyday stress and worries. Just breathe in the pure air and you’ll get a new lease of life through this incredibly beautiful nature. All that you experience out here is worth enjoying.

Deer, elks, lynxes, foxes, rabbits as well as wood and black grouses can be seen out here.

It is worth to visit Leppäkanto region, too. There you can find a long and shallow beach to swim and have a wonderful time all day long.

In Partakoski you might happen to see the two dipper couples that are staying there in early spring. On Lake Saimaa islands some ringed seals can be seen swimming or enjoying the sunshine on the rocks.

In summertime, if you’d like to go cruising on the Sun Lake Cruises m/s Falcon from Partakoski pier, you could travel up to Liittokivi; you could see the rock paintings at Astuvansalmi or you could ask the skipper to take you to a special place of your own you booked beforehand.


A large car park in the yard

From Savitaipale it takes 37min to Lappeenranta (ab 40 min

1hour 2min to Mikkeli (ab 1hour

1hour 12 min to Kouvola (ab 1 hour

2hours 46min to Helsinki (ab 3 hours